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Podcast Performance Workshop Maximize your talent to make your podcast the best!

Podcast Workshops

Podcasting 101: Intro to Podcasting

Podcasting 101 is a 3 hour workshop that focuses on how to create and produce a podcast, make it compelling AND do it again and again. Come in with an idea, we will give you the tools to shape it, and at the end, you will record a 5 minute version of that podcast!

Podcasting 101 Workshop

How was the workshop?

Darling New Media’s Podcasting 101 workshop turns your show idea into recorded reality in 3 hours. Nate and Leslie will help you flesh out your concept and plan a podcast that’s engaging and on-message. Then, it’s into the studio to record your demo! The atmosphere is fun and low-pressure, and you’ll be amazed at how much you accomplish

Becca Costello

Podcasting 101 with Nate and his team at Darling New Media was a great, easy to digest class for the novice or even a seasoned podcaster looking to fine tune their skills and keep up on relevant trends. With practical tips, simple to follow structure and layout, I found myself feeling confident in my podcasting abilities by the end of our session. This class equips and empowers you to find your authentic voice, refine your idea and execute it with excellence and professionalism. A fun, interactive experience! I walked in wondering if I could even do this and left excited to begin! 

Staci Payne