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We provide custom and full production solutions for your podcasting needs!

We are founded on podcasts at Darling New Media. Nate Darling grew up loving radio and was fortunate enough to work in radio & television for more than 20 years. Missing radio, he started his podcast “The Nate Darling Show” (Now renamed WTH Podcast) in 2011. 8 Years and more than 800 episodes later, Nate takes the lessons he learned to help you launch your podcast like a pro.

Why Darling New Media?

We listen to your ideas and provide the guidance you will need to get started right away.

We provide the knowledge you need to get your show up and running or kicked up to a new level. Whether you are new to podcasting, have an established show or are looking for a corporate solution, we can tailor the appropriate distribution strategy to fit your needs.


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We pride ourselves on developing and producing podcasts that make even a novice look and sound like a seasoned professional. We even offer classes to help you be a better podcaster. Whether you are new to podcasting or a broadcasting pro, we can help you deliver your message and sound great doing it.

If you are looking to increase your profile, speak to and build trust with potential customers, a podcast is the way to make it happen. They enable you to showcase your expertise in a field, build good will and provide a value that will make people want to do business with YOU. Plus, you will have fresh, new content for your website and social media pages that keep people coming back. Ask us how we can make it happen for a fraction of the cost of traditional media.


Photos taken in our studio or on location

We offer photography services to capture the essence of you and your products. Reasonably priced, professional product photos or headshots can be taken in either single sessions, or you can get a membership to save on more frequent photo shoots. Photos are shot with a professional Canon DSLR or Mirrorless camera, and we can do it with a variety of backgrounds.

Video Production

Video production in studio or on location

We can shoot and edit your video! Whether you need a long-form program, short clips for social media or digital advertising or even a commercial you want to air on Broadcast Television or Cable.

Workshops & Classes

Podcasting Workshops

In Podcasting 101, we give you the tools to create, produce and host your own show! Learn the skills to do it again and again. See what others are saying about the workshop here.

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